Books and editorial work:

1.     Danzig, the Hanse and the Polish Crown c. 1450-1580. The urban practice of conflict management (ongoing book project, initial discussions with Cambridge University Press)

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4.     Peer-reviewed edited volume (with Stuart Jenks): The Hanse in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (2013, Brill); review, review

Refereed articles

6.     ‘The concept of language of trust and trustworthiness: (Why) history matters’, The Journal of Trust Research (2020, accepted as invited paper).

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Non-refereed articles

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Other publications


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44.   Review of Portugal and the Medieval Atlantic. Commercial Diplomacy, Merchants, and Trade, 1143-1488 by Flávio Miranda (, 2014)

Wider readership and knowledge outreach

47.   Visual: participation in the documentary series Gouden Eeuw

48.   Participation in a debate article on the future of Humanities and a blog entry for Groene Amsterdammer (2013)

49.   Article for children in the NRC on medieval sources